Wednesday, April 29, 2009

No Juice Flowing

So I came to "work" today and have no inspiration :( I got all my work related e-mails out of the way and a call to my supplier about some back ordered items I have been waiting on for a wedding. Other than that nothing is coming! And my PMC clay is still not dry! I think we have had too much moisture this week, sorry Krissy!

It's crummy and cold outside and I just keep thinking I need a huge calendar. One to keep track of when I ship orders out and to cross them off when they get there. I also need a new system for keeping track of $ from orders. I am using so many different programs I need a central log. I should create a new spreadsheet in Excel but I am not quite sure how I want it set up. I spent hours doing that when I worked at Chase, but wasting time to get it right for my boss is different than wasting my own time when I have so many other things that need done. My computer came with a free trial of Quicken which I have never used but may try later today just to see if it will work. I normally just use Excel since I can tweak it however I want. :( No easy answers.

Happy Update: I also spoke with my sister about my new website template and logo. She has her last final next Thursday and we are working on it right after that! HUGE sigh of Relief! I need to get this up and running, it not being done is stressing me out. Today I may just work on taking pictures for the website so they are ready once she has created my web makeover. That doesn't take much creativity since I already made a list of whats needed. Hopefully I will be inspired tomorrow.


Brandislee said...

Three pairs of earrings! Yeah, she's kind of a jewelry junkie, so you should definitely hit her up more often. When we were looking at your stuff before she said she usually pays $80+ for similar stuff, so really you'd be saving her money:)

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