Monday, September 21, 2009

Mini Vacation in Seattle WA

Our mini vacation included lots of rain, a trip to Ikea, walking a lot, Colin getting mad about the price of parking downtown, going up the Space Needle, eating king crab legs in Pikes Place Market, and enjoying ourselves.
Cute Bird tray I got at Ikea to replace one Colin broke. This one is like a lunchroom tray :) No broken glass.
Cranes bringing in containers from all over the world. (Most of the crates said China though)
Flowers Colin Bought me at Pike Place Market
Our Car pooling buddies trying to have fun while sitting in traffic on the way to Seattle (3 extra hours).

I have a few more pictures on my phone as I forgot to charge the camera and it died. They may come later this week, I am busy making a surprise to put on all of the Christmas gifts we are giving.


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