Sunday, August 1, 2010


Just thought I would share a quick update....

-Produce is coming out our ears from the garden, my poor Aunt and Uncle are surrounded by more produce than they have ever gotten out of the garden (a min of 5 zucchini a day). I shredded 5 this morning and froze in 2 cup bags to save for delicious bread this winter. Yummy! The rest of the week I need to figure out how to cook squash and zucchini so Colin will eat it.

-The 1/4 steer in our freezer is delicious! I am so glad we decided to buy that much meat all at once, and it has made my grocery budget go down. :)

-The paper copies of all my Colorado business licenses finally arrived in the mail. I am 100% legit! Now I just have to clarify my software for taxes, that is the first thing tomorrow.

-I made a list of jewelry to make for a new show at end of the month. I need to get cracking....:) I work better when I am swamped anyways.

-I called the call steward with the theater union Friday so hopefully I start getting some hours with productions in town.

Oh and my camera finally arrived fixed so I can get back to posting new jewelry. A broken camera and website don't work well. I think I will ask for another camera for Christmas so I don't have this issue. Poor Colin had to go to work because he is behind so I am trying to be even more productive today. Have a great Monday!


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