Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wish Wish Wish

So I am slacking....I couldn't sleep so I worked until 2 am this morning. Right now I don't think my brain is at full capacity to deal with numbers (taxes). So I am on here dreaming of things I would like, it's a long list.

-New furnace, since ours is not long for this world.
-Shed for back yard so my husband is happier with the size of his garage.
-New fridge that doesn't have a crack in it. Preferably one with a freezer drawer.
-Gas Stove
-Microwave over the stove so I have more counter space.
-One larger cooking pot for the kitchen, I only have one and I always need another one (mine is too big).
-New jeans from the gap, how about an entire shopping spree while I'm at it.
-A folding stool with three steps, my old wooden ladder is not safe.
-A shelf hung in my studio to store supplies....I already have the shelf and brackets though. :)
-Curtains in the dining room so it doesn't echo.
-Rugs for the dining room/den/entry from Ballard Designs.
-Bedding for my studio/craft room.

and the biggest wish is a new couch and love seat for the family room.

Figures after I finish the kitchen cabinets this is what my brain does. Unfortunately all of my wishes are pretty large. :( We have to have dreams though!

I have lots more wishes but these are the ones on the front page of my brain at the moment. Check out Handmade Obsessions for some new items before they dissapear, the new items don't last long so it looks like I am not adding any. Catch twenty two! :)

*I am updating my wish list when I have actually gotten the items, by changing them into italics.


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