Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Saving on Soap!

Want to save some money? Of course, everyone does. Thanks to a friend I made an order at Soap.com today and saved over $50 on things we use everyday! I got makeup, face wash, face lotion, hair gel, soap, mouthwash, toner, concealer, just to name a few items. I paid no shipping as I spent over $25 and paid less than half for some items. Saving makes me happy, not to mention I like getting things in the mail. If you would like to try them out here is a 15% discount code off your purchase. KERR505005

They also have a great supply of cleaning products. Check out Soap.com 

Hope you are having a wonderful week


Angela Tolsma said...

oh awesome I'll check it out!! If only I wasn't allergic to tide!!

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