Monday, January 3, 2011

Today has Been Looking Brighter

So I still hadn't shared my photos of my new couches so I thought I would. The room isn't arranged in its final position until Colin gets the tv hung above the fireplace though. This week has been a little rough to get anything done.

First I had kidney stones, once that passed I started feeling better instantly.....but the second doctor I saw sent me to get a CT scan and gave me an antibiotic just in case me not going to the doctor early enough had created an infection. The pills she gave me did not go over well. I guess our insurance companies computers being down the first time we tried to pick them up were a sign. Anyways this medicine made me hallucinate, nauseous, and feel like I got beat by a bat. On top of that it counteracts the pain pills they gave me and made them useless. They were $40 a pill before insurance and I thankfully only took them 2 days. What makes that worse is my husband called the doctors office twice Friday morning to let them know of my bad reaction and they still (Monday night) haven't called us back.

This experience has not made me any fonder of doctors, I was bad about going in before this experience. I would rather suffer than feel like that again. I should also note that after looking this prescription up I shouldn't be exercising for at least 2 months because my tendons may rupture, I could have similar side effects that I had and my hair can fall out among lots of other issues. Neither the doctor or the Pharmacist mentioned any of these and my stupid self trusted them. Today I am not aching all over but I still am having problems breathing and don't have much energy.

At least 2011 can only go up from here. :) That is if I stop sitting in the kitchen by the coffee pot which is tempting me. I pray that everyone else had a wonderful start to 2011!


Angela Tolsma said...

love your couch!! Feel better soon!! Sucks the drugs had such a horrible side effect.

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