Thursday, August 18, 2011

Favorite things in Our House

This little tired guy is one of my favorite things in our house. He is too smart for his own good but is the best little buddy when you need a smile.

Update: Remember that dining room rug I posted about oh 6 months ago and never showed you? It is FINALLY on its way to my house. Not cool I tell you! The smaller version for the room next to it showed up right away, it was supposed to be a month....if I hadn't saved several hundred purchasing during sale/free shipping it would have been a LOT more. I definitely complained almost 2 months ago for not being notified of another delay and they lowered my price again. Thanks Home Decorators! I love their stuff and they have pretty good prices but that turn around for one item is NOT ok. Unless I am in LOVE with something they make I will not be ordering again.

I am off to live in my sewing room again today! I love my air conditioning, thanks to my handy husband! My sisters will both be here this weekend, one for my sewing skills and the other to hang out with my husband. (They enjoy picking on me together).

Have a wonderful weekend!
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Schürl said...

Lies. I am coming to town for a bridal shower. Psh! Like I would drive 4.5 hours to hang out with my brother-in-law.

Kerrie said...

No lies... the two of you just want to see movies I don't know anything about and pick on me. Maybe you have a bridal shower but the above is no lie. I do have something yummy planned for breakfast Sunday morning when Molly is here. :)

Namine said...

Hope you get your rug soon! :)

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