Thursday, January 12, 2012

Post Office Vent

I do not need stress at the moment. Fact is I can't think of one person that does.

Since December 16th the Post Office has lost not one but TWO packages I have mailed to customers. Both have had delivery confirmation and insurance on them. Funny thing is I have now wasted almost 2 hours (mostly waiting in line) trying to get things sorted out. Their website has different information than the office/supervisors I have spoken with and I am getting nowhere. They wont even let me file for the insurance until it has been 30 days since it was lost! #%@%^#$&^%^#&

I have always tried to use the post office for shipping orders to support them but right now I don't even want to buy stamps. This is not good for my business and not good for my customers.

Ok, off my soap box...going to get a pedicure and relax. Has the post office lost anything you have sent?


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