Friday, January 23, 2009

Spending Money to Make Money...

Isn't that how it always goes. I have finally gotten some input on my outline of items for sale. Thanks Kelsey! I have a huge list of things I need so I can have a more rounded selection. Now I just need my awesome husband to ok me spending a chunk of his really hard earned money. If I can show him how I plan on putting everything together he will work with me. Like I said awesome! I got really lucky in so many ways, but today his support takes the top.

In the next few weeks I will post some of my newly made items to check out since etsy is only getting a small fraction of them. We (Kelsey aka my now advisor and myself) have also decided to have/host a house jewelry party to test out my stock once I have more made. My 40 crossweave bracelets just won't cut it yet. This next week I am making earrings and African Net necklaces/bracelets. Keep tuned.


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