Saturday, January 31, 2009

Excitement....I love mail!

So I haven't posted in a few days due to being extremely busy. I have been making puppy clothes for my friend Mandy's poor dog Reno. He had surgery and one side of him is bald from being shaved. He was just a bit chilly missing his furry coat. In the process we thought he needed a new bed which I am just finishing.

Colin is putting a table together in the basement for me to use my mini torch since it is too cold to hang out in the garage right now. Hopefully I will be up and running with that by tonight. :)

My supplies have come and I thought I might show a few of the new items I've made so far. Not much but its a start. The earrings on the left are all different Gemstones, well except for one. From left to right they are Pink Rhodonite, pearls, turquoise, and African jade ($13 each). The necklace shown on the right is Peridot chips with a sterling and Peridot setting.
I did not post these on etsy, let me know if you are interested and I will.

The best item of all came and that's my snazzy new earring stand. It spins! Even Colin was impressed. He told me he thinks I can do this again. I know I can but those words always help pump me up. He also said I need to not only have enough items for my show but just as much to set aside and refill my trays and stands when things do sell. I never thought he would be the one to tell me I need to order more items but I am already running low on clasps and my earring stand still has some barren spots. So there may be another (small) order again. I love getting things like that in the mail that aren't bills. :) Thanks Babe!

Happy Birthday Kelsey!!!


Brandislee said...

Hi Kerrie! I see you found my blog:) So I decided to peruse yours. About as focused as mine;) How did you get that cool background? I am so not good at that kind of stuff- I just got around to changing my color scheme yesterday.

Brandislee said...

Guess what! There's a one year stay on children's stuff in the Consumer safety bill. Yeeehaw! I am more excited about this than I should be.

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