Monday, February 2, 2009

Growling like Gunther!

I have just spent majority of the day accomplishing NOTHING, and I had such high hopes.

I finished 2 pairs of earrings this morning and moved on to making new labels and more business cards. No luck as my printer is out of colored ink. I couldn't stamp my logo and emboss them if they aren't printed.

Then I decided I have been making so much stuff maybe I should post a little bit on etsy, 9 items and several hours later.... I think I may have to limit myself to posting one item per day and use Friday for the bulk of my items. It consumed so much time I haven't accomplished anything. (I was getting sidetracked looking at other items)

Tomorrow I WILL work on my african net/lace necklaces and Wednesday I am working on leather baby cowboy boots since they amended the CPSIA for at least a year. Everyone that makes items for kid's I'm sure is cheering all over the country. Yeah!!!!

Check out etsy for some of my new items.


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