Thursday, February 26, 2009

I am grounding myself!

I have decided that I am grounded from any craft store or website until May, well unless I have custom orders. I have an overload of items that I need to make. Right now I have a project I have been working on for over a year for Colin's grandma that I just cant seem to get right. Every time I make something I take it apart. I believe I finally have a keeper though and need to move it to the top of my list. I also have 16+ button bracelets laid out to make on the dinning room table. They need made stat! Three bridesmaid necklaces, I have the materials all divided out and the earrings done but need to finish those necklaces. And last but not least I have at least 50 leather bracelets cut out ready to get stitched and dazzled up. Oh I forgot about the beads....this all stems back to my first post. I was supposed to stay focused, I really am not very good at staying on my own schedule. At least everything is geared to one common goal. Oh well, I guess there are some traits about ourselves that are harder to change than others. Molly was right I need to cut down on my hobbies, they are way out of control and I have too many.


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