Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hi Ho, Hi Ho its off to work I go.....

I have had silly songs stuck in my head most of the day so the 7 dwarfs song seems plausible to be stuck in my head as well.

Today has been a busy day, I spent majority of it soldering anything I have made. I must look a sight :) I have had my safety glasses on the top of my head all day, which defeats the purpose of having them. Of course Colin asked me about that when he got home, I got a death look that I better be wearing them. Since I have had things flying and exploding in the past that doesn't seem like a bad suggestion. Though he has never taken me to the emergency room yet I have taken him more than once.

After that ordeal I have been pricing and setting up an order for supplies to make cancer bracelets for a friend in Colorado. She participates in all different types of activity's to raise money for her cause. I most likely will be offering a few at my show to help her out. They currently have 8 colors representing 8 different types of cancer: Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Leukemia, Colon Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Liver Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer, and Heart Disease. Since her cause is Breast Cancer they will feature a pink ribbon but will come with a card showing each cancer and its respective color. Here is a sample minus the pink ribbon since they are on the supply order.
I have been so busy this week I haven't taken the time to post new pictures but I have several new pieces. Back to work, I have to keep up on that schedule.


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