Friday, February 6, 2009

Laundry Day....

I had a very productive day yesterday. I have all but five of my $5 bracelets completed and gemstone information cards to go with each corrdinating piece. As well as a few extra pieces here and there. Today I think I am taking a break to enjoy life. My brain and hands are tired of thinking up new ideas and when you force it they usually are never any good.

So its laundry and cleaning day, as long as I avoid ironing no big deal. Though I have to say I had an annoying habit to my mother as a child (we started doing our own laundry at ten) I always forgot to take my clothes out of the dryer before they started getting wrinkly. I still at this point in my life have that awful habit, and just cant seem to break it. Everytime I pull clothes out of the dryer Colin asks me how long they have been in there :( I really need to work on that flaw....guess its never been a priority.

We got a netflix account for Christmas from Colin's parents and I love it! I usually just turn my Ipod on when I'm working but I love having the option of movies that come in the mail since there is nothing on TV all day. Bonus is I never have to drive back to the store and return them! Tonight we are watching the Bank Job. Best present ever I will have to say!


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