Friday, February 13, 2009

Sleep Sounds Wonderful

Well we didn't get much more than a dusting of snow the other night so I'm not sure it improved skiing but it sounded like it was fun. Colin and his brother and dad went up the mountain while his mom and I toured Sandpoint, ID. Which was also fun and not so chilly. We managed to scrounge up a few more buttons in a couple of fun colors that I didn't have yet. I think I might be more obsessed with finding buttons than my beads. I can't think of any of the hobbies that I have tried over the years that have ever competed at the same level as my beads. I suppose that the buttons are used with my beads so maybe that is more of an extension of my obsession. Who knows?

I have a ton of work to complete this week and next and I am determined to stick to my schedule for once.
It is: invitations for March 7th (we moved back the date) -10 African Lace/Net Necklaces, bracelets and matching earrings -finish filling my small earring stand -tag everything -solder clasps shut -and make at least 10 more sets of necklaces and bracelets

I think I am going to give up sleep, hence it sounds like heaven :) Happy early Valentines Day since I may not have time to post tomorrow.


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