Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sleeping in Sounded Like a Good Idea!

It's a beautiful day and I slept in...a lot. Everything kept waking me up last night, neither of our dogs seemed to think we should have been sleeping. Colin works such long hours and I am here at home so I hate to let the silly dogs wake him up. The really bad thing with sleeping in on a Wednesday is that it is trash day. At least I feel better and not crabby tired. I might not feel so great after I see how full our trash can is.

On to other news, yesterday I spent the entire day getting all my business licenses figured out and filled out. Colorado is 100% more difficult than Washington was and more expensive. Oh well it had to be done. Worst news is the stupid state is charging me taxes on any supplies I purchase online from another state that they aren't making money on. Once Colin and I have a chance to sit down and figure it out I don't know if its worth it to deduct all of my old items, 3.74% adds up fast. Now I just need to get my butt in gear and find a notary for one of my forms. Yeah to a very productive day! We will see how thrilled I will be in October when I start filing city, state, and federal. WA seems like a dream now. :( I think I will make an appointment with a CPA to make sure I am doing things correctly this year.

Beyond that last night we had some delicious Mexican food with Colin's aunt and cousin. We will definitely have to go back, yum! I am off to be a productive individual today, well hopefully!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Happy Weekend for All

Happy Sunday! We made it home after visiting my parents to celebrate my mom's birthday. It is nice to see everyone but nice to come home as well.

Hopefully today is the day that we manage to get our sprinkler system fixed! I hope so because in the insane process of Colin fixing it the faucet on the front of the house went bad. :( I think my hanging plants may be toast.

This should also be a busy week as we will have company for the beginning of the week and the end. :) We have seen people that we missed constantly the last 5 years more this last month than all those years combined. Tiring but exactly what we have wished for for quite awhile. Cheers to living here! So far this is the best moving transition we have had, the little hiccups like the sprinkler system can't even compete with seeing those you love.

Hope you had a weekend as blessed as ours, and a great week in addition to that.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Procrastination should be my real name...

I am just stopping by to say a quick hi before I get back to work.

What work you might say? Well I have several unfinished projects. I feel like a huge slacker at the moment. I at least just finished working up prices for another unique custom order.

-I need to make lots of pieces for my dear Aunt Dolly as part of her 49th anniversary gift from my Uncle Joe.

-Finish upholstering my second chair in the sitting area of our dining room. I did get it painted at least.

-Hang 1-2 curtains, depending on if the free curtain rods my mom gave me work.

-Unload TONS of firewood my dad gave us yesterday.

-Of course laundry and cleaning as Colin's Mom, Aunt and Cousin are coming. :)

-Finish my quilt square for my cousins baby.

-Travel back to the human society to get Max a city tag. I took his rabies paperwork not realizing it didn't say he was neutered. Difference went from $12 to $132.

-And I still haven't gotten plates on our vehicles....

This is a very random but short version of my list. Hope you are having a great week! Cheers to procrastinators as I seem to be a huge supporter.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Busy But Good

Thought I would say a quick hello. HELLO! Life has been finally calming down since our move. Very busy but very good. Good as in I am still waking up each morning amazed that we are staying in one place and bought a house. It is an amazing feeling, sad though that we have moved so much that I am still this amazed. I have been tying up loose ends like finding a new vet, dog tags, car plates, new business license....etc. We are getting there! Yeah!

Colin has been very busy at work so our sprinkler system is still out on vacation. :( Luckily it has rained a ton. Even better that we have a brand new roof. :) Saturday we got to enjoy one of my good friends visiting from Kansas and see some of my out of town family Sunday. Living closer to family and where friends visit is much better than living far away.

Thought I would finally share a picture of us and part of our new house. Courtesy of my dads phone as my stupid camera is not working again. Thankfully my mom loaned me hers until mine comes back from being repaired AGAIN. I am never going to argue with Colin about purchasing extended warranty's again, every time he buys them we need it.
I am catching up on some custom orders, new business licenses, and organizing my work space. New items should be coming soon. A few of my newer items didn't make it up online as I donated them to Lucky Joe's Sidewalk Saloon's charity golf tournament to raise money. Yeah for helping out an at risk youth center in Ft. Collins Colorado!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Blessed and Thankful

As usual I couldn't sleep last night. All I kept thinking was how lucky I am and how grateful and blessed that we finally have a house and each other. It's funny how this week just planting some flowers and hanging curtains and shades made that stand out so clearly. Curtains and plants are always the touch that makes me feel at home. We had no curtains in Phoenix, maybe that is why I disliked it so? All I can say is what a weird item to make me feel at home.

The weather the last few days has been beautiful and if I was able to stop coughing I would be outside all day. My allergies may need a little time to re-adjust back to a dry climate.

Colin went into work today for a few hours to catch up. He is very busy again due to to a most horrible event. Memorial Weekend his new boss here in Denver crashed his plane on route to his nephews graduation. He did not survive and his wife has finally pulled out of critical condition but has a long road to go. We just keep praying that she heals quickly and manages to keep her legs. We also are praying for their 3 children and family. They need all the prayers and good thoughts we can send them.

Be thankful for those around you. Have a great upcoming week.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Life Update

Thought I would share an update into our lives. House is getting there....just a few items to make it more comfortable.
-Curtains in our Bedroom
-Shades in the kitchen so it isn't so bright
-New pieces for the sprinkler system so it isn't leaking
-Some plants in my pots for the patio

Other than that we are settling in and hopefully can sit and relax a little soon. We finally filled out our tax forms for the rebate. :) I will be really glad when it comes so we can refill our savings account.

Today instead of working on the house I joined my Uncle to weed and plant the his garden. He has a HUGE wonderful fenced in space for a garden but needed help. Perfect for me so I didn't have to rip up our yard. We worked all day until 6 tonight. I have some weird tan lines from my garden gloves and knee pads though. Marks of hard work! Tomorrow I am going to pick up some more plants to add to our spread.
We planted:
-Green Bell Peppers
-Orange Bell Peppers
-2 kinds of Cucumbers
-Acorn Squash
-Crookneck Squash ?(I think that's what it was)

Tomorrow I am picking up Yellow & Red Bell Peppers, some more Jalapenos, Butternut Squash, and a few more Tomato plants. Yum! I am so excited that we get to enjoy our shared garden produce and that I get to help this summer. I have been wanting a garden for several years but we never stay long enough for me to utilize the growing seasons. By the way peppers do NOT grow very well in Phoenix.

Yeah to moving close to home and growing roots again! :)

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