Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Procrastination should be my real name...

I am just stopping by to say a quick hi before I get back to work.

What work you might say? Well I have several unfinished projects. I feel like a huge slacker at the moment. I at least just finished working up prices for another unique custom order.

-I need to make lots of pieces for my dear Aunt Dolly as part of her 49th anniversary gift from my Uncle Joe.

-Finish upholstering my second chair in the sitting area of our dining room. I did get it painted at least.

-Hang 1-2 curtains, depending on if the free curtain rods my mom gave me work.

-Unload TONS of firewood my dad gave us yesterday.

-Of course laundry and cleaning as Colin's Mom, Aunt and Cousin are coming. :)

-Finish my quilt square for my cousins baby.

-Travel back to the human society to get Max a city tag. I took his rabies paperwork not realizing it didn't say he was neutered. Difference went from $12 to $132.

-And I still haven't gotten plates on our vehicles....

This is a very random but short version of my list. Hope you are having a great week! Cheers to procrastinators as I seem to be a huge supporter.


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