Sunday, June 6, 2010

Blessed and Thankful

As usual I couldn't sleep last night. All I kept thinking was how lucky I am and how grateful and blessed that we finally have a house and each other. It's funny how this week just planting some flowers and hanging curtains and shades made that stand out so clearly. Curtains and plants are always the touch that makes me feel at home. We had no curtains in Phoenix, maybe that is why I disliked it so? All I can say is what a weird item to make me feel at home.

The weather the last few days has been beautiful and if I was able to stop coughing I would be outside all day. My allergies may need a little time to re-adjust back to a dry climate.

Colin went into work today for a few hours to catch up. He is very busy again due to to a most horrible event. Memorial Weekend his new boss here in Denver crashed his plane on route to his nephews graduation. He did not survive and his wife has finally pulled out of critical condition but has a long road to go. We just keep praying that she heals quickly and manages to keep her legs. We also are praying for their 3 children and family. They need all the prayers and good thoughts we can send them.

Be thankful for those around you. Have a great upcoming week.


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