Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lazy Workers, Yummy Food, and Squirrels

So I haven't been a very productive member of society lately, or for myself that is. My sister is visiting from Kansas so we have been being lazy bums. Our house is buzzing with activity though.

So far this week we have roofers all over the place. My genius husband went up the roof last night to check out their progress, he was not happy. You should NEVER cut corners with a customer that 1) Rewrites your contract to protect himself before you even start. 2) Or one that knows the correct process that you are not following, due to his job.

Needless to say Colin had a LONG list of issues and the owner of the company came over to check them out this morning. At least the owner knew he better come talk with Colin and get it resolved. I am glad I am not a contractor working for Colin....but am glad he is so good at his job for our sake.

Cheryl (my sister) made us delicious fried chicken, asparagus w/ red peppers, steamed artichokes, fresh bread, and brownies last night. Yum!

OH! I almost forgot our real excitement last night. Well, other than the roof and dinner. We caught a squirrel in the attic. They have been getting inside the attic so Colin set a trap he borrowed from our neighbor. Colin and my dad blocked off where we thought the squirrels were getting in and they also trimmed the tree that the squirrels were jumping off onto the roof. They are still getting on the house though by using the metal gutters of all things.

Anyways we were debating transporting the squirrel somewhere else or poisoning it so it doesn't come back. During that conversation the dogs were running around both sides of the cage. It scared the squirrel so bad it must have had a brain hemorrhage. The poor thing didn't make it very long. I am just glad I don't have to worry about it again until we catch another one. I don't seem to share my father's hatred of the creatures since I couldn't stomach actually killing it, even though it was damaging our house.

I am still lagging behind on new jewelry but I now have an AWESOME light fixture in my craft room which is slowly getting organized. Next week is definitely the week. :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wednesdays are not my Day.

Last Wednesday my clumsy self dropped a drawer on my foot. In my self defense the movers packed it backwards so I am only claiming half the fault. This Wednesday I went out the back patio door which has a wierd step, tripped myself and fell. In the process I ripped 1 of my 2 nice pairs of jeans and stubbed my toe. The poor toe that had just visited Urgent Care this Wednesday morning due to the whole drawer issue.

The poor toe that they want to take 1/2 the toenail off. I decided I am taking antibiotics first and if its not better than I will go back. I personally like having nails on my toes, and do not want to miss out on wearing cute shoes this summer.

THURSDAY has to be a good day. So far the moving company picked up all the boxes we unpacked. Yeah! You can now see the garage floor! And sometime before noon the cable people are coming so I can sit here and watch some TV. I think I will be sitting in a chair trying to do nothing so my foot heals. Maybe I can sit in the garage and strip the nice avocado green cabinet I am going to stain to match our dining room table. ?????Does that qualify as relaxing and staying off my feet? I think it must because sitting around doing nothing is not relaxing.

Hope your Wednesdays are going better than mine. So far Thursday is great!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Hello, Time Frame, and Some Random Thoughts

I thought I should check in and say hi now that I finally have Internet again. Sorry for the lapse and the lack of photos of my chair project. I promise that in the next two weeks I will work on that. At the moment my camera, camera charger, and phone charger are all MIA.

Missing chargers is not very useful to get anything accomplished but good because I have been working/unpacking from about 7:30 am to at least 10 pm every night and haven't had time to sit in my car and charge my phone or talk. I need to clarify that my days need to revolve around getting our lives functional again. I need to be selfish for Colin and I regarding this. Moving is a lot of work and I appreciate everyone that has taken that into consideration and been patient.

I appreciate EVERYONE that has been understanding of this regarding orders for Jewelry. THANK YOU!!!!

Here is a rough time frame:

-Saturday May 22nd I will have my jewelry all unpacked and up and running
-Monday May 24th I will respond to those of you that have been waiting on custom orders or requested pieces.
-Wednesday May 26th I should have some new pieces online.

I would love to have this sooner but here are a few of the things I have going on.

-Making a pile and list of damaged items. It is VERY large this move.
-Dealing with the moving company regarding those items.
-Cable, trash, Internet, water, dog licenses, getting the moving company to pick up the boxes....etc. They told us that cant happen for two weeks...they did not get a good review.
-Colin and I are dealing with getting a new roof in a short time frame per our lender. I am not going into the details but between Colin rewriting the contract, scheduling and picking products I am overwhelmed.
-We have squirrels that have gotten in the attic, they are jumping off the neighbors tree onto our roof and are knocking inside the walls.
-We have a crazy neighbor (who the tree belongs to) that calls everyone in for dogs barking when they are not barking. Several people have warned us, and she lives next door. :(
-Dealing with getting the lawn mowed as it keeps raining and we have out of town engagements.

Those are what I can think of at the moment and instead of working I am sitting here on the computer. Have a great weekend!

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