Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wednesdays are not my Day.

Last Wednesday my clumsy self dropped a drawer on my foot. In my self defense the movers packed it backwards so I am only claiming half the fault. This Wednesday I went out the back patio door which has a wierd step, tripped myself and fell. In the process I ripped 1 of my 2 nice pairs of jeans and stubbed my toe. The poor toe that had just visited Urgent Care this Wednesday morning due to the whole drawer issue.

The poor toe that they want to take 1/2 the toenail off. I decided I am taking antibiotics first and if its not better than I will go back. I personally like having nails on my toes, and do not want to miss out on wearing cute shoes this summer.

THURSDAY has to be a good day. So far the moving company picked up all the boxes we unpacked. Yeah! You can now see the garage floor! And sometime before noon the cable people are coming so I can sit here and watch some TV. I think I will be sitting in a chair trying to do nothing so my foot heals. Maybe I can sit in the garage and strip the nice avocado green cabinet I am going to stain to match our dining room table. ?????Does that qualify as relaxing and staying off my feet? I think it must because sitting around doing nothing is not relaxing.

Hope your Wednesdays are going better than mine. So far Thursday is great!


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