Friday, May 14, 2010

Hello, Time Frame, and Some Random Thoughts

I thought I should check in and say hi now that I finally have Internet again. Sorry for the lapse and the lack of photos of my chair project. I promise that in the next two weeks I will work on that. At the moment my camera, camera charger, and phone charger are all MIA.

Missing chargers is not very useful to get anything accomplished but good because I have been working/unpacking from about 7:30 am to at least 10 pm every night and haven't had time to sit in my car and charge my phone or talk. I need to clarify that my days need to revolve around getting our lives functional again. I need to be selfish for Colin and I regarding this. Moving is a lot of work and I appreciate everyone that has taken that into consideration and been patient.

I appreciate EVERYONE that has been understanding of this regarding orders for Jewelry. THANK YOU!!!!

Here is a rough time frame:

-Saturday May 22nd I will have my jewelry all unpacked and up and running
-Monday May 24th I will respond to those of you that have been waiting on custom orders or requested pieces.
-Wednesday May 26th I should have some new pieces online.

I would love to have this sooner but here are a few of the things I have going on.

-Making a pile and list of damaged items. It is VERY large this move.
-Dealing with the moving company regarding those items.
-Cable, trash, Internet, water, dog licenses, getting the moving company to pick up the boxes....etc. They told us that cant happen for two weeks...they did not get a good review.
-Colin and I are dealing with getting a new roof in a short time frame per our lender. I am not going into the details but between Colin rewriting the contract, scheduling and picking products I am overwhelmed.
-We have squirrels that have gotten in the attic, they are jumping off the neighbors tree onto our roof and are knocking inside the walls.
-We have a crazy neighbor (who the tree belongs to) that calls everyone in for dogs barking when they are not barking. Several people have warned us, and she lives next door. :(
-Dealing with getting the lawn mowed as it keeps raining and we have out of town engagements.

Those are what I can think of at the moment and instead of working I am sitting here on the computer. Have a great weekend!


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