Monday, December 28, 2009

Good Evening

I hope everyone had a GREAT Christmas weekend. We had a nice relaxing break watching lots of movies and enjoying some popcorn. Yet we had no snow, which was a break from the 6 feet that lasted all last winter.

Today I got all the decorations taken down and put away. What a relief that was, I would have liked to keep the tree up longer but it dried out fast and was making a mess.

Today I also have been reorganizing for our unknown move. Unknown as in it should be in the next 2 months but we don't know exactly when or where. Every time it gets close to knowing we will move again I think crazy Kerrie comes out. The Kerrie that obsesses with having things labeled and trying to not keep excess items. Who knows how much I have spent over the last couple of years organizing our house so that my containers still work at each new home. At least I can honestly say I spent less than $50 on items for this house to organize, most of my containers coordinate so they can switch rooms if needed.

I not only am clearing out unused house items I also cleaned out my closet and filled up an entire box to donate. Tomorrow I probably will spend the day reorganizing my sewing room so when the movers pack everything I will be able to find things. Then I will probably clear out the cleaning supply closet and consolidate. I think that if I get the things done that stress me out I will be better off.

Did you know that moving companies wont move: cleaning supplies, batteries, glues, plants, paints, guns, and of course your pets....I know there are other items that I cant think of off the top of my head.

This means ALL of these items end up in my car as well as clothes for about 3 weeks since usually the moving company takes at least 2 weeks (this has been my prior experience). Usually I try to keep a few plants and give the rest away. Colin tries to take the chemicals from the garage, I have at least 4 misc. new quarts from refurbishing furniture. I may be giving a lot away this year. :(

Oh I thought of another item they wont in the fridge as in condiments. The first time this happened I decided to move them, the second I threw them all out due to the first experience. It usually costs about $60+ to restock those items. Living in a hotel for a month will cure you of trying to move food.

I am not fond of moving yet it makes me clean out closets, boxes, drawers etc. and get rid of clutter that accumulates. Why would you need to spring clean if you move every year? Moving is much more effective yet very hard on furniture. I better put my trusty furniture pens in a safe place.

I have quite a few new jewelry pictures to share once I get some of my stress off my shoulders. At least I am not worried about needing to quit my job this time. That is the worst stress point for me. Does anyone else hate moving?

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas Eve!

We will be enjoying the holiday tonight with wonderful friends as well as part of tomorrow.

Hope you appreciate those around you! We miss everyone and are sending our love with lots of hugs and kisses.

Love you all,
Kerrie, Colin, Gunther, and Maximus

Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy 21st Day of Christmas

So I haven't posted since I had that horrible day. Since then everything has been going great. Take that back, everything has been great except that it has been raining for 4 days straight. The ground has that soggy consistency that you sink into it and track mud into the house. I am getting good use out of our mop and Clorox wipes. Yesterday I made Christmas sugar cookies for our neighbors and the guys Colin works with. Not my favorite to eat but they look nice. My favorite cookies are sitting in the cupboard/fridge from Colin's Grandma. She sent 4 kinds of cookies and a tin of Carmel-nut-popcorn-chex mix that I love.

I thought I would share a few photos at our house the last few days.
After a hard day of playing with his buddy Gunther. He is comfy sleeping on Colin and a "Grandma" blanket.
Maximus couldn't find the right toy so he dragged the dog toy basket across the room and crawled inside it.
*The first photo is from our maple tree in our front yard.
Hugs and Kisses to Everyone! We miss you!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

:( I need a pick me up.

This morning I am REALLY frustrated....

It started off getting up earlier, I hate getting up when its freezing. Colin let Max out which normally I have been doing and Max wiggled away and ran to our bedroom to find me. Of course he needed to go to the bathroom...mess one (less than 30 seconds from escape). The next hour was the same thing, we went from 0-1 accidents each day of the last 5 days to 4 this morning (in less than an hour). So far Max prefers the rug which I took down to the basement for at least the next month. No sense in cleaning a rug when I can wipe up the wood floor. I REALLY am glad we have wood floors.

My husband though helpful since he took the trash out this morning also made 3 huge messes. One in each room which didn't help my frustration at all. I have cleaned 1 up so far....

It snowed a lot last night which means I can't leave the house as Colin took our vehicle with 4 wheel drive. I like Spokane a lot but am not to fond of the hill half the town (aka our house) is on. It also means the dogs are tracking in snow and Colin does the same thing....might as well not put the mop away.

I like my house to be clean...due to husband and puppy we are very far from that.

So I am sitting in a messy house, very tired, thinking about what I can do so I don't lose it today. So far the puppy regressed on having accidents, Colin regressed on making messes, and I started crying this morning. Not a good way to start out the day.

I think I may put on my snow shoes and walk down to Starbucks with the dogs, that at least will wear them out and I can have some coffee. I probably should take a shower first so I don't scare the people that work there.

After I get some coffee I am cleaning my house and preventing myself from breaking down. When Colin gets home I am going to make him put all of his CLEAN clothes INSIDE the dresser not on top or sitting on the floor. The other messes I will take care of. I always thought I would rather have a small house so it wasn't as much work to clean. I take that back, small houses get dirtier faster and you have to clean more often.

Today I need to remember positive reinforcement teaches a puppy more than negative. The same concept works for husbands. :)

P.S.-I am really proud of Gunther for playing tug with Max this entire time so I can chill out. Thankfully they are getting along great! I knew there was a reason we got another dog before having kids, anyone that trains a dog while having small children has my utmost respect.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Day 10 of Christmas Spirit

Day 10 is a day of change. I finally made it to the dentist to get my cracked tooth fixed (Don't grind your teeth!) And since it just doesn't seem like Christmas we are finally going to get a tree tonight.

In preparation of finally getting a Christmas tree I decided to make a tree skirt as we have never had one. I am using extra fabric from the stockings I made last year and made two mini stockings for the dogs....yep we got another dog.
He is an early Christmas Present for me and Gunther though Gunther is still slightly iffy on liking the puppy when he crawls in my lap. My lap is Gunther's according to him. Other than that they are playing together which was my hope.
Colin getting kisses from Maximus or Max for short. The vote is still up on that name but we cant keep saying "Hey you".
Poor Gunther laying on the couch glaring at me last night.
So far the puppy slept through the night and had no accidents in his crate. He can hold it forever as he ate a full breakfast 30 minutes ago and still doesn't want to go outside. This I think will be a different training process than Gunther. Gunther also learned tricks/rules in less than a day, part of me hopes he is that smart and part of me hopes he isn't.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Update from Our Household

What an awesome Monday!

First I missed my dentist appointment....:) I am secretly happy about that. So today I have spent more time looking at the mess our house is in right now.

Good new to that is I am done Christmas shopping! The hard part now is wrapping and getting everything shipped out the door. I am not looking forward to visiting the post office! Their lines are awful this time of year!

Life is good here! I finished working Lion King yesterday. There are several more shows in the coming weeks so I hope I get called. I had a blast meeting new people and using my various strange crafty skills that I still can't believe they are paying me for. The bonus to having fun and meeting new people was the paycheck and the free shirts Lion King gave us :) I am pretending that I never got a paycheck and put the first one straight in savings. Yeah! It feels good to put a large chunk away in our house fund, too bad we don't know how many years it will be until we can use it. Hopefully 2010!

Colin was an awesome husband while I was working this weekend and even did some laundry for me! He has got his tailgate all re-painted (all by himself) and put back on the truck. The job that he is working on here in Spokane also won his company's quality award for 2009 so he received a glass trophy and a bonus check for contributing to that outcome. December so far is a good month in our house!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hello Again

I have been absent for awhile with good reason. I have been working on tons of jewelry and working backstage on wardrobe for Lion King while it is in town. It is a great job with wonderful people and hours that work around me making jewelry, though they pay better than I pay myself most days.

I thought I would share an AWESOME gift that I received this morning from a friend I have met here in WA. It is an earring stand made out of moose antlers, one is from a baby moose up in Alaska. It even comes apart so I can take it to my jewelry shows. The wire that connects the two antlers is copper found up at the Paloose (spelling ?) River here in WA. I usually collect a Christmas ornament from wherever we have lived but this is an even better reminder of WA and our friends.
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and is all decorated for Christmas. We had a great Thanksgiving up here that we shared with new friends and our house has a few Christmas trimmings. The Lion King leaves town Sunday night so next week we will probably go get a tree since I wont be working when Colin is home. Happy Holidays!
We are so blessed to have wonderful families and great friends wherever we go! I am going to be very sad when we move.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wind Wind Go Away

It has been horribly windy here the last 2 days. Normally when anyone in Spokane says it's really windy I want to laugh, they have no idea! Last night it was REAL wind, and I mean wind like in WY that blows semi trucks over. I really don't miss that at all!I have been busy creating and trying to post a few new things as well as get ready to work Disney on Ice tomorrow night. There are a few new items on my website; earrings, ornaments, etc. More to come later today though, my camera battery died which is why I am on here.

I thought I would share the BEST birthday gift cooks a chicken in the microwave in about 30 minutes! Thanks Grandma! I made some yummy bbq sauce to go with it and Colin made mashed potato's and peas. Yum! I also found out that I do not like cleaning the inside of chickens out (I usually buy them already cleaned out).

Super Cool casserole dish minus the lid, it is stoneware but white to coordinate with my dishes.
Look the potholder is from Grandma as well. :) What would I do without her? Love you!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Grinning From Ear to Ear

I have been absent for quite awhile as I have been working on many many projects. Below is a sample of my place cards for Thanksgiving. Still not sure if I will use them or not but they turned out cute. Get the templates from Martha here. Note: If you have a lot of guests these may not be the best choice, they take awhile to cut out with your exacto knife.
One of my other projects included putting together a small saltwater tank that I bought with some of my birthday money. I would really like a large one but moving anything 10 gallons + isn't possible without killing all the fish. So I got a 3 gallon tank to get just one or 2 fish in about a month. I have had tons of frogs, lizards, and fish in the past and miss them. This is my first saltwater tank though, hopefully it moves ok in a few months. I had to kick some dishes off my "china shelf" since there is no outlet where I wanted to put it. It looks smaller in this picture than it does in real life. :(

Super Happy News! Not only am I doing some work for Lion King I am working on wardrobe for Disney on Ice! Yeah! Something I love to do with an extra paycheck.....wonderful right before Christmas. :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

No Rain=Happy

The sun came out today, first day in awhile as it has been raining all weekend. :(

Good Morning/Pre afternoon as it is still before 10am here in WA. I am REALLY glad it is Monday and the weekend is over. All I can say is Friday was a long day/night, I was up 24 hours straight, I am sticking to my schedule and staying home when everyone goes out.

Saturday I went to a fabulous craft fair that was gigantic. I am pretty sure I only bought local food though. I found a garlic booth that had delicious things to eat! I also tested Honey, BBQ Sauce, soups, etc.

:) Colin raked the rest of the leaves in our yard while I was browsing the craft fair. :) He is the BEST!

Sunday I treated myself to a new printer that will work with my computer as the old one wasn't compatible with Vista. Not a super exciting birthday gift but I use my printer all the time and this one is Wireless! Perfect for a laptop that travels around the house with me.

Today is laundry and DEEP cleaning day since our house is a mess! Tomorrow I will get back to some new jewelry. :) Enjoy your week!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Upcycled Heirloom Button Earrings

The day ended much better yesterday. Colin and I raked leaves in the dark last night, which was a blast. We still have a lot more to do but we filled 6 39 gallon bags and only got 1/2 of the back yard done. I have to say that raking with help is much better, last year we had just moved and he had just started working at this job (same company). I raked all those leaves by myself, it took me 4 days and almost 2 boxes of bags. I was so happy to not be living in Phoenix though that I didn't care. I know we still both feel the same way, we missed the 4 seasons.

I am going to share a small surprise, it should be arriving at my grandma's door today or tomorrow and I couldn't wait any longer. I had a really hard time photographing them since they are so small. Maybe she will share a photo of herself with them. :) They look much better hanging. I made them using her mothers buttons and a single green pearl hung on sterling silver. Check out my website for other styles of button earrings.

I restocked a few beads to complete the bracelets for this wedding and am still working on those. Next week I need to make an order so this doesn't happen again.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

One of Those Day's

Today has been one of those days. I have a couple of RUSH custom orders for weddings and I ran out of beads! I have to make a trip to the bead store which I have a hard time buying anything at because my supplier is so much cheaper. Not to mention I have misplaced several items and we have no food because I haven't bought any groceries since we got home.

To top all that off there is a glitch in my website addresses again. I had it resolved the 14th of October and it has worked every day until this morning. When you type in you get the right site when you type in it is going to the old one. Since my sister has totally bailed out and not resolved anything I took care of it last time. I wish I understood html code better, maybe I need a new website advisor since Colin and I feel that what I have paid her is just a loss.

Sorry I am crabby, nothing seems to be going right today other than my dentist appointment getting canceled. Now that I have vented hopefully the rest of the day will go well. Waffles!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Smiles :)

Well I have been absent from my computer for awhile but it was worth it! I spent the last week enjoying friends and family all over. Colin had a few hiccups and joined me a few days late due to snow in Denver (they canceled his flight twice, poor guy).

I did a little creating early on in the week, making centerpieces and name cards for my best friends wedding reception. I also got to enjoy lots of wedding cake as Aunt Liz used us as ginny pigs while she was creating its beauty. Once Colin finally made it to the airport we headed to see his family and it was so nice. Sadly we missed a few faces because we were over a day late, I am so glad we got to see who we did though.
Our dog had a babysitter for the last week so we wouldn't have another fiasco with him freaking out getting boarded. He even gained weight while we were gone :) Gunther is always a stress point for me when we travel without him, now I don't need to worry. I love our dog but us moving so often has definitely caused some issues with the poor little guy (not including his wheat allergy). We had been talking about getting another dog last June but realized how often we are away and that we couldn't. Colin thinks Gunther would be better off if he had a friend and we wont be traveling at all for the next few months so I am going to start watching the shelters. Funny how Colin said that, normally it is me.

We got lucky and had a 4+ hour layover in Denver last night so my parents drove down and we also got to see them. A nice ending to a great week! And a bonus that I got an early birthday present. :) It was the best layover we have ever had.

I have a list of orders for some people I love in Colorado and a wedding party of five that I need to get sent out shortly. I should be sharing new photos later this week. Enjoy!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Sad Day

Our neighbor dog has not been herself for almost a month, each day getting worse. Today the vet came by and took x-ray's and confirmed her thought that is was cancer. It has spread so much she is going to be put down tomorrow. I feel awful that I am flying out in the morning and wont be here, it's a wonderful thing that we have other great neighbors that will since her family is too far away.

I took a few photos to have a sketch done for her. Tai was such a sweetie and she will be missed, especially by her buddy Lucky.

It's still Raining, it's still Pouring....

Thought I would say good afternoon. This morning has been hectic as I am trying to get a few boxes out the door and add a few new items to my website. Here are are few pictures from our weekend. So far all you get is button bracelets because everything else has already been bought. Colin raking leaves in the front yard, he found a couple of surprises. Those surprises were TONS of mushrooms, we are guessing the bag had over 20lbs in it. Now I know why grass wouldn't grow in a huge chunk of the front yard.
A navy and silver button bracelet (this picture makes it look more bright blue, darn my photography skills) Tomato Red Plaid Button Bracelet

Both are available on my website.

See you next week as I fly out to see lots of people I love tomorrow.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Fall

Fall finally decided to visit us this year. All the trees look beautiful showing off their red, yellow, and orange leaves.

It's pouring today making it impossible to rake up any of the leaves. :( So we are enjoying spiced tea and making ornaments.

Enjoy your weekend!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Coupon Codes

I just wanted to share that I added some discount codes this morning for my website. Please type in RFAMILY or REPEATC for an 8% discount. Please Share the love.

Monday, October 19, 2009

New Recycled Button Earrings

Teal Blue Tear Earrings
Purple Iris Heart Earrings
An extra piece of Spaghetti Squash that I turned into a "pumpkin".

Check out to find these earrings and more.

Back From Vegas

We had a great weekend seeing old friends, meeting new ones, and celebrating Joyce and Scott getting hitched. I thought I would share just a few pics. I cheated and snuck my camera into the chapel while we were getting Joyce into her dress. We weren't allowed to have cameras in there but I didn't want her to miss those moments, I am so glad I did. The Lovely Bride before the rehearsal. All of us that braved the heights and rode the rides at the Stratosphere. I hate heights but went anyway, after the first scare it was AWESOME. The view up there is phenomenal!
Allison, Joyce and Aunt Liz Mindy helping us enjoy the ride to the chapel. Getting Joyce into her dress, this is where I started breaking the rules with the camera thing....
Joyce in her dress. :) I had to hide my camera after this, no more wedding photos until Joyce gets them :( Allison, Myself, and Kat after the wedding somehow we lost the other 3 bridesmaids. Zach and Aaron our new friends that were two of Scott's groomsmen. The guys having us pose, we were at "happy hour".Colin REALLY enjoyed happy hour and his cigar. Yuck!

We had so much fun, I will share more photos once we get the legit ones. Congrats to Joyce and Scott! Love you Both!

P.S.-Those lovely earrings on all the bridesmaids were creations of mine, I will share a larger picture later since you can barely see them in my photos.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

All Linked Up

I am learning all kinds of strange things with websites this week. I was finally able to link my new layout with the old website. As of right now is linked correctly but if you by chance forget to type the www you are out of luck at the moment. I am waiting on this getting resolved and was told it would be later today. Cross your fingers as I am going to be preoccupied with my BFF's wedding this weekend and wont be able to follow up.

Thanks to all for being so very patient. I REALLY appreciate it as I have been trying to get to this point for WAY to long.

Thanks Again!

Note: This has been resolved and both versions with or without www.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Alternate Website Up and Running

I can't wait any longer on my website being designed. I seem to be VERY low on the priority list. so I have been spending a ton of time looking for an alternative. Until I link my domain please check out to shop for some new items.

P.S. -As it is almost 1 am pacific time I will post items later tomorrow since right now I only have one listed. Thanks!

Monday, October 12, 2009

What did you do this weekend?

I went to Greenbluff Washington to the apple orchards Saturday. They also have pumpkin farms that were AMAZING, it made me wish we stole someones kid just to see the smile on their face when they found a pumpkin. I got a little over excited and bought a bunch of apples and my canner had to come out Sunday night. Our neighbor also brought me a huge bag of tomato's, potato's, carrots, and some butternut squash Friday. So last night we made Salsa and applesauce (super spicy salsa as Colin cut up an extra jalapeno and threw it in). Later this week after I get my "assigned" work done I am going to make some apple butter. Yum! Now other than the work I am wishing I bought some pears. :(

The rest of the weekend the three of us relaxed on the couch to stay warm as fall seems to not be visiting this year and winter is already here. :(

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Over the Hump of Wednesday

I have been away for awhile as I have been occupied by too many projects. Nothing new there :) This week I have been getting a few orders out the door and cooking a lot as Colin has been able to come home at dinner time. That is a huge bonus as I am sure I am going to be eating alone the next few months with him working non stop. Anyways here are a few of the things I have been up to.
A sneak peak at a home warming gift I am working on for a friend that is closing on a house in 2 weeks. The tags are from mmmcrafts.

A couple of jars filled with my handmade teabags which I have a tutorial for here.

A pair of earrings I sent to my mom to match a gorgeous scarf my sister bought her in France.

A very bad picture of the back of my snazzy new phone which has a mirror when flipped up. I downgraded myself and shut off my blackberry as I have my laptop and rarely used it making the cost silly.

Here is my super cute gourd candy dish that I bought last year and didn't get to use as we were in the middle of moving. :( Any suggestions on candy to fill it up with this year?

I will continue to be scarce the rest of the month as we are attending a wedding in Vegas and I will be in KS and MO for the reception.....which I still haven't written my speech for.

P.S.-I'm also in the works on possibly working next month on the Broadway production Lion King that I have been hooked up through a friend. Cross your fingers that it works out because it would only be for a month and my interview wouldn't include the usual question of why we only live somewhere about a year. Hopefully my friends boss gets back into WA and this works out. I am praying because it sounds like an AWESOME opportunity.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Yo Yoing Around

Thought I would share a few things I have been up to. Some Yo Yo's that belong on a surprise and two new button bracelets that are being shipped to CO tomorrow. Check out this link for directions to make your own yo yo's.

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