Monday, November 2, 2009

Smiles :)

Well I have been absent from my computer for awhile but it was worth it! I spent the last week enjoying friends and family all over. Colin had a few hiccups and joined me a few days late due to snow in Denver (they canceled his flight twice, poor guy).

I did a little creating early on in the week, making centerpieces and name cards for my best friends wedding reception. I also got to enjoy lots of wedding cake as Aunt Liz used us as ginny pigs while she was creating its beauty. Once Colin finally made it to the airport we headed to see his family and it was so nice. Sadly we missed a few faces because we were over a day late, I am so glad we got to see who we did though.
Our dog had a babysitter for the last week so we wouldn't have another fiasco with him freaking out getting boarded. He even gained weight while we were gone :) Gunther is always a stress point for me when we travel without him, now I don't need to worry. I love our dog but us moving so often has definitely caused some issues with the poor little guy (not including his wheat allergy). We had been talking about getting another dog last June but realized how often we are away and that we couldn't. Colin thinks Gunther would be better off if he had a friend and we wont be traveling at all for the next few months so I am going to start watching the shelters. Funny how Colin said that, normally it is me.

We got lucky and had a 4+ hour layover in Denver last night so my parents drove down and we also got to see them. A nice ending to a great week! And a bonus that I got an early birthday present. :) It was the best layover we have ever had.

I have a list of orders for some people I love in Colorado and a wedding party of five that I need to get sent out shortly. I should be sharing new photos later this week. Enjoy!


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