Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wind Wind Go Away

It has been horribly windy here the last 2 days. Normally when anyone in Spokane says it's really windy I want to laugh, they have no idea! Last night it was REAL wind, and I mean wind like in WY that blows semi trucks over. I really don't miss that at all!I have been busy creating and trying to post a few new things as well as get ready to work Disney on Ice tomorrow night. There are a few new items on my website; earrings, ornaments, etc. More to come later today though, my camera battery died which is why I am on here.

I thought I would share the BEST birthday gift ever.....it cooks a chicken in the microwave in about 30 minutes! Thanks Grandma! I made some yummy bbq sauce to go with it and Colin made mashed potato's and peas. Yum! I also found out that I do not like cleaning the inside of chickens out (I usually buy them already cleaned out).

Super Cool casserole dish minus the lid, it is stoneware but white to coordinate with my dishes.
Look the potholder is from Grandma as well. :) What would I do without her? Love you!


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