Wednesday, November 4, 2009

One of Those Day's

Today has been one of those days. I have a couple of RUSH custom orders for weddings and I ran out of beads! I have to make a trip to the bead store which I have a hard time buying anything at because my supplier is so much cheaper. Not to mention I have misplaced several items and we have no food because I haven't bought any groceries since we got home.

To top all that off there is a glitch in my website addresses again. I had it resolved the 14th of October and it has worked every day until this morning. When you type in you get the right site when you type in it is going to the old one. Since my sister has totally bailed out and not resolved anything I took care of it last time. I wish I understood html code better, maybe I need a new website advisor since Colin and I feel that what I have paid her is just a loss.

Sorry I am crabby, nothing seems to be going right today other than my dentist appointment getting canceled. Now that I have vented hopefully the rest of the day will go well. Waffles!


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