Monday, November 9, 2009

No Rain=Happy

The sun came out today, first day in awhile as it has been raining all weekend. :(

Good Morning/Pre afternoon as it is still before 10am here in WA. I am REALLY glad it is Monday and the weekend is over. All I can say is Friday was a long day/night, I was up 24 hours straight, I am sticking to my schedule and staying home when everyone goes out.

Saturday I went to a fabulous craft fair that was gigantic. I am pretty sure I only bought local food though. I found a garlic booth that had delicious things to eat! I also tested Honey, BBQ Sauce, soups, etc.

:) Colin raked the rest of the leaves in our yard while I was browsing the craft fair. :) He is the BEST!

Sunday I treated myself to a new printer that will work with my computer as the old one wasn't compatible with Vista. Not a super exciting birthday gift but I use my printer all the time and this one is Wireless! Perfect for a laptop that travels around the house with me.

Today is laundry and DEEP cleaning day since our house is a mess! Tomorrow I will get back to some new jewelry. :) Enjoy your week!


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