Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hello Again

I have been absent for awhile with good reason. I have been working on tons of jewelry and working backstage on wardrobe for Lion King while it is in town. It is a great job with wonderful people and hours that work around me making jewelry, though they pay better than I pay myself most days.

I thought I would share an AWESOME gift that I received this morning from a friend I have met here in WA. It is an earring stand made out of moose antlers, one is from a baby moose up in Alaska. It even comes apart so I can take it to my jewelry shows. The wire that connects the two antlers is copper found up at the Paloose (spelling ?) River here in WA. I usually collect a Christmas ornament from wherever we have lived but this is an even better reminder of WA and our friends.
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and is all decorated for Christmas. We had a great Thanksgiving up here that we shared with new friends and our house has a few Christmas trimmings. The Lion King leaves town Sunday night so next week we will probably go get a tree since I wont be working when Colin is home. Happy Holidays!
We are so blessed to have wonderful families and great friends wherever we go! I am going to be very sad when we move.


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