Monday, December 7, 2009

Update from Our Household

What an awesome Monday!

First I missed my dentist appointment....:) I am secretly happy about that. So today I have spent more time looking at the mess our house is in right now.

Good new to that is I am done Christmas shopping! The hard part now is wrapping and getting everything shipped out the door. I am not looking forward to visiting the post office! Their lines are awful this time of year!

Life is good here! I finished working Lion King yesterday. There are several more shows in the coming weeks so I hope I get called. I had a blast meeting new people and using my various strange crafty skills that I still can't believe they are paying me for. The bonus to having fun and meeting new people was the paycheck and the free shirts Lion King gave us :) I am pretending that I never got a paycheck and put the first one straight in savings. Yeah! It feels good to put a large chunk away in our house fund, too bad we don't know how many years it will be until we can use it. Hopefully 2010!

Colin was an awesome husband while I was working this weekend and even did some laundry for me! He has got his tailgate all re-painted (all by himself) and put back on the truck. The job that he is working on here in Spokane also won his company's quality award for 2009 so he received a glass trophy and a bonus check for contributing to that outcome. December so far is a good month in our house!


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