Monday, December 28, 2009

Good Evening

I hope everyone had a GREAT Christmas weekend. We had a nice relaxing break watching lots of movies and enjoying some popcorn. Yet we had no snow, which was a break from the 6 feet that lasted all last winter.

Today I got all the decorations taken down and put away. What a relief that was, I would have liked to keep the tree up longer but it dried out fast and was making a mess.

Today I also have been reorganizing for our unknown move. Unknown as in it should be in the next 2 months but we don't know exactly when or where. Every time it gets close to knowing we will move again I think crazy Kerrie comes out. The Kerrie that obsesses with having things labeled and trying to not keep excess items. Who knows how much I have spent over the last couple of years organizing our house so that my containers still work at each new home. At least I can honestly say I spent less than $50 on items for this house to organize, most of my containers coordinate so they can switch rooms if needed.

I not only am clearing out unused house items I also cleaned out my closet and filled up an entire box to donate. Tomorrow I probably will spend the day reorganizing my sewing room so when the movers pack everything I will be able to find things. Then I will probably clear out the cleaning supply closet and consolidate. I think that if I get the things done that stress me out I will be better off.

Did you know that moving companies wont move: cleaning supplies, batteries, glues, plants, paints, guns, and of course your pets....I know there are other items that I cant think of off the top of my head.

This means ALL of these items end up in my car as well as clothes for about 3 weeks since usually the moving company takes at least 2 weeks (this has been my prior experience). Usually I try to keep a few plants and give the rest away. Colin tries to take the chemicals from the garage, I have at least 4 misc. new quarts from refurbishing furniture. I may be giving a lot away this year. :(

Oh I thought of another item they wont in the fridge as in condiments. The first time this happened I decided to move them, the second I threw them all out due to the first experience. It usually costs about $60+ to restock those items. Living in a hotel for a month will cure you of trying to move food.

I am not fond of moving yet it makes me clean out closets, boxes, drawers etc. and get rid of clutter that accumulates. Why would you need to spring clean if you move every year? Moving is much more effective yet very hard on furniture. I better put my trusty furniture pens in a safe place.

I have quite a few new jewelry pictures to share once I get some of my stress off my shoulders. At least I am not worried about needing to quit my job this time. That is the worst stress point for me. Does anyone else hate moving?


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