Tuesday, December 15, 2009

:( I need a pick me up.

This morning I am REALLY frustrated....

It started off getting up earlier, I hate getting up when its freezing. Colin let Max out which normally I have been doing and Max wiggled away and ran to our bedroom to find me. Of course he needed to go to the bathroom...mess one (less than 30 seconds from escape). The next hour was the same thing, we went from 0-1 accidents each day of the last 5 days to 4 this morning (in less than an hour). So far Max prefers the rug which I took down to the basement for at least the next month. No sense in cleaning a rug when I can wipe up the wood floor. I REALLY am glad we have wood floors.

My husband though helpful since he took the trash out this morning also made 3 huge messes. One in each room which didn't help my frustration at all. I have cleaned 1 up so far....

It snowed a lot last night which means I can't leave the house as Colin took our vehicle with 4 wheel drive. I like Spokane a lot but am not to fond of the hill half the town (aka our house) is on. It also means the dogs are tracking in snow and Colin does the same thing....might as well not put the mop away.

I like my house to be clean...due to husband and puppy we are very far from that.

So I am sitting in a messy house, very tired, thinking about what I can do so I don't lose it today. So far the puppy regressed on having accidents, Colin regressed on making messes, and I started crying this morning. Not a good way to start out the day.

I think I may put on my snow shoes and walk down to Starbucks with the dogs, that at least will wear them out and I can have some coffee. I probably should take a shower first so I don't scare the people that work there.

After I get some coffee I am cleaning my house and preventing myself from breaking down. When Colin gets home I am going to make him put all of his CLEAN clothes INSIDE the dresser not on top or sitting on the floor. The other messes I will take care of. I always thought I would rather have a small house so it wasn't as much work to clean. I take that back, small houses get dirtier faster and you have to clean more often.

Today I need to remember positive reinforcement teaches a puppy more than negative. The same concept works for husbands. :)

P.S.-I am really proud of Gunther for playing tug with Max this entire time so I can chill out. Thankfully they are getting along great! I knew there was a reason we got another dog before having kids, anyone that trains a dog while having small children has my utmost respect.


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