Monday, October 12, 2009

What did you do this weekend?

I went to Greenbluff Washington to the apple orchards Saturday. They also have pumpkin farms that were AMAZING, it made me wish we stole someones kid just to see the smile on their face when they found a pumpkin. I got a little over excited and bought a bunch of apples and my canner had to come out Sunday night. Our neighbor also brought me a huge bag of tomato's, potato's, carrots, and some butternut squash Friday. So last night we made Salsa and applesauce (super spicy salsa as Colin cut up an extra jalapeno and threw it in). Later this week after I get my "assigned" work done I am going to make some apple butter. Yum! Now other than the work I am wishing I bought some pears. :(

The rest of the weekend the three of us relaxed on the couch to stay warm as fall seems to not be visiting this year and winter is already here. :(


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