Monday, October 26, 2009

It's still Raining, it's still Pouring....

Thought I would say good afternoon. This morning has been hectic as I am trying to get a few boxes out the door and add a few new items to my website. Here are are few pictures from our weekend. So far all you get is button bracelets because everything else has already been bought. Colin raking leaves in the front yard, he found a couple of surprises. Those surprises were TONS of mushrooms, we are guessing the bag had over 20lbs in it. Now I know why grass wouldn't grow in a huge chunk of the front yard.
A navy and silver button bracelet (this picture makes it look more bright blue, darn my photography skills) Tomato Red Plaid Button Bracelet

Both are available on my website.

See you next week as I fly out to see lots of people I love tomorrow.


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