Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Life Update

Thought I would share an update into our lives. House is getting there....just a few items to make it more comfortable.
-Curtains in our Bedroom
-Shades in the kitchen so it isn't so bright
-New pieces for the sprinkler system so it isn't leaking
-Some plants in my pots for the patio

Other than that we are settling in and hopefully can sit and relax a little soon. We finally filled out our tax forms for the rebate. :) I will be really glad when it comes so we can refill our savings account.

Today instead of working on the house I joined my Uncle to weed and plant the his garden. He has a HUGE wonderful fenced in space for a garden but needed help. Perfect for me so I didn't have to rip up our yard. We worked all day until 6 tonight. I have some weird tan lines from my garden gloves and knee pads though. Marks of hard work! Tomorrow I am going to pick up some more plants to add to our spread.
We planted:
-Green Bell Peppers
-Orange Bell Peppers
-2 kinds of Cucumbers
-Acorn Squash
-Crookneck Squash ?(I think that's what it was)

Tomorrow I am picking up Yellow & Red Bell Peppers, some more Jalapenos, Butternut Squash, and a few more Tomato plants. Yum! I am so excited that we get to enjoy our shared garden produce and that I get to help this summer. I have been wanting a garden for several years but we never stay long enough for me to utilize the growing seasons. By the way peppers do NOT grow very well in Phoenix.

Yeah to moving close to home and growing roots again! :)


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