Sunday, June 27, 2010

Happy Weekend for All

Happy Sunday! We made it home after visiting my parents to celebrate my mom's birthday. It is nice to see everyone but nice to come home as well.

Hopefully today is the day that we manage to get our sprinkler system fixed! I hope so because in the insane process of Colin fixing it the faucet on the front of the house went bad. :( I think my hanging plants may be toast.

This should also be a busy week as we will have company for the beginning of the week and the end. :) We have seen people that we missed constantly the last 5 years more this last month than all those years combined. Tiring but exactly what we have wished for for quite awhile. Cheers to living here! So far this is the best moving transition we have had, the little hiccups like the sprinkler system can't even compete with seeing those you love.

Hope you had a weekend as blessed as ours, and a great week in addition to that.


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