Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Basement Cave Living

So I have moved my operation mostly into our basement since Colin keeps bringing work home and needs the coffee table clean for his blueprints/drawings. I am ok with this since he is coming home a little earlier even if he is still working. I on the other hand am not getting as much accomplished if I want to hang out with him. That's ok, I would rather he be home.

I started working on setting up a website and have discovered I should stick with my natural talents, that is not one of them. It took up precious time where I could be being productive. I did find an awesome leather store here in Spokane with super friendly people on Monday. I got a few tools and some leather dye to accent materials I have been stockpiling since college. I guess I have gone full circle since my beading started with leather and a leather store in Greeley, CO. Funny how that is, I still shop there every time I go home. They always have things I can use and Mike the owner gives me such a good discount its almost as good as me ordering from my supplier. I love bead stores but I cant talk myself into buying anything except there since I know how much cheaper I can get it on my own. I thought I would share a picture of my leather stash or part of it since this is only half.

Since I have all of this leather I thought I would make some cuff bracelets from it. I have a letter kit and a few metal leather stamps from my grandma. (She used to make beautiful belts when I was a kid). I am testing stamping (with rubber stamps) leather dye onto the leather, letting it dry and sealing it. Here is a sample of one. I am planning on cutting it into a cuff bracelet but think I will stitch red leather to the back side and attach a magnetic snap. Since I obviously have tons of colors there are endless possibilities. I better get to work!


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