Saturday, February 21, 2009

Do you like Lace? This is my favorite kind.

Well I spent the majority of Friday re-teaching myself how to make lace with seed beads. It has been forever since I have made any, almost 10 years! These are a new and improved version. 10 years ago I was unaware of all the great products they sell. For instance I used to just use nylon nymo thread when making this lace, a few of my necklaces were in small boutiques displayed. After being in the sun quite awhile they were not very durable and several needed repaired. Now I can use fireline and not worry! So they are coming out of my pile of old projects. Here is a sample of one minus the clasp. I am offering them at $29 for a necklace and $19 for a bracelet. I don't like how the earrings turn out (they are floppy) so unless asked they will not be offered.

I also for some silly reason decided to try making tubular peyote loops from a magazine article that I have. It turned out different than I thought and may end up in my pile of things I have tried and haven't been thrilled with. I might finish it up and turn it into a bracelet though. Who knows.

I haven't made much else other than a few bracelets the last few days as I was hanging out in the basement soldering everything under the sun. My allergies are suffering because of it so I am avoiding metals (which is why the lace has no clasp). I cant even wear my wedding ring or earrings right now :( I am seriously considering acupuncture as I have heard that it helps with allergies. Since I know I wont quit making jewelry it sounds like a good option. I should be working since I think my husband moved into his office at work. He has been swamped and hasn't been home much other than to sleep :( Poor guy needs a vacation! I am cooking a fancy dinner tomorrow night though so maybe that will help. We are having crab legs, asparagus, and cheesy biscuits like at Red Lobster. Yum!


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