Monday, February 9, 2009

Where is the sun?

I mean that in so many ways this afternoon. The sky is cloudy and grey, hopefully the sun will grace us with its company later this week at least. I called Sallie Mae (student loans) this morning since of course they are closed Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and I have to say long story short their phone system is by far the worst I have ever had to use to talk to a "live" person. Had to vent a little more, sorry.

On a happy note I am planning on going button hunting today for more buttons. I really would like to have a little more selection of them and since I have no more buttons its a little hard to make more bracelets. I saw an awesome pendant that inspired me Saturday that was made with buttons. It was at this great vintage jewelry store in Spokane called Finders Keepers that is like a jewelry heaven. In addition they have a vintage clothing boutique on the side that has clothes from every era. :) I could have spent a lot of money on the clothing side....and the jewelry side inspired me which was great. That kind of went off on a tangent but that seems to be how my brain works, so oh well.

Colin made me a large board that is covered in velvet this weekend to hang more necklaces and bracelets on. It has a great stand/easel we found surprisingly in the floral section of the craft store. He is awesome, but I think is ready for me to do this show so my stands aren't hanging out in our family room along with numerous bead containers and button jars. I have to give my dog some credit as well, the last month I have had things scattered all over and not once has he picked anything up to chew on it. He normally doesn't touch anything that isnt one of his toys but there is a lot of temptation and he is a great dog.

Since I am just rambling today, I am going to log off. Hope everyone has a great "sunny" week.


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