Saturday, February 7, 2009

Floating on a cloud of Happiness!

So Colin just set up that table in the basement for my torch, took a bit longer than I thought but he has been working a lot of hours. I think my finished jewelry will be taking up the space though since I am running out of room for all of it. I like to see it all out on display so I can tell how I am doing on having enough pieces.

I asked my mother to have a party as well in May when we fly in for a visit. Hopefully some of the work will be done on her new house so she can show it off. Since at some point in the next few years we should be moving back to Colorado I will have to visit some of the stores I used to sell items at and work that angle as well. I don't want to go to the trouble of doing that here unless we find out we are not moving again in a year.

I have a few more button bracelets completed. Here is a black and silver version. I think they are my favorite pieces. I want to keep all of them and am having a hard time leaving them on the "for sale" table. Each of them is unique since I use vintage buttons which kills me that I can't make two of each, 1 for me and 1 for sale. If anyone has any buttons and is willing to sell them I am interested. I am running VERY low.

I thought I would also share some of my silver necklace loops. I have ordered several sterling pendants and am in the process of making a few myself. I have smooth wire and twisted wire loops both in round and oval shapes. Smooth wire loops $15 and twisted are $16 each. They are great to have and you can just swap the charm. I am making coordinating bracelets and earrings to match the charms.

I am just finishing up the last necklace for a friends bridesmaids jewelry. As soon as a get the letter pendants I ordered for each I will post them. They are gorgeous! Back to work....:) I love this job! Crossing my fingers it loves me as well since I just made another order for supplies. Have a happy weekend!


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