Monday, March 2, 2009

Chocolate Explosion

Well there was a lot of glass involved in that other than the chocolate. Sunday nights I normally make a big meal so Colin has leftovers for a few days for lunch. He normally is a big help but last night not so much. I decided that brownies would be nice to have, when I pulled them out of the oven I set them on the top of the stove (that's where normal people put hot things, at least I thought) Colin after helping me had accidentally left the burner on, the burner where I just happened to set the brownies. Needless to say they sat there for maybe 10 minutes when I could smell the burning. I went into the kitchen just in time to have the entire Pyrex glass dish explode at me. No cuts but I am really glad I was wearing my glasses last night. My kitchen rug is ruined, you cant get glass out of it when shards are melted in with chocolate. Gurrrr is all I can say! I wish I had taken a picture now that I am not so angry, it was awful!

On a happy note I am very close to having my goal done with my jewelry. Here are a few pictures of what I got accomplished this weekend. Since there are so many pictures here are just a few of the combinations shown: Leather and Rose Quartz (pale pink), Black Jade and Turquoise (sterling flower), Sodalite with sterling fish's, Carnelian and Amethyst (these are carved), Rhodonite-Black Jade and a Lava Rock Pendant, Snowflake Obsidian with a fun clasp (pictured in front), another Snowflake Obsidian with sterling teardrops, and Turquoise with sterling beads (I took a closeup since they are so fun looking).

Most of these have coordinating bracelets as well that may be sold separately or with the necklace as a set. I thought I had enough pictures for the day though.

Enjoy Your Week!


Brandislee said...

OMG kerrie! When I was younger I used to have to fix lunch for my fam while my mom was at work, and one day I was pissed off because none of my sibs would help me, so I went on strike and refused to cook lunch. Well, my brother decided he would try to cook (be was probably 15, which makes this pretty reasonable) and he tried to make corn in a glass baking dish on the stove top- pretty much the same thing happened:) Exploding glass! Glad you didn't get hurt. PS- When I was looking at your necklaces I was like "I want that one, and that one, and that one..." I might actually buy one from you for my MIL for mother's day- she's totally into jewelry right now. And I just realized I never got back to you about the wedding jewelry pics you sent- I was thinking we want more color/less metal (does that make sense?) than the pics you sent, but those were really cute. Is there anything new on your etsy store? I'll check it out.

Brandislee said...

For earrings, we'll do the same size, otherwise I think that would look funny. And I don't want anything HUGE, just, well, I know what I mean. Classy:)

You could see if my sister could do a logo for you as a trade- like she makes a logo in exchange for a discount on the jewelry (because, of course, she'll be buying it for us for our attendant gifts, she just doesn't know it yet!) or something like that. I'm sure she doesn't have a set fee, at least not yet, although she was going to do an etsy posting for some things like that. I'll say something to her. I think she did an awesome job on mine, though.

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