Sunday, March 29, 2009

The List Keeps Growing and Growing

Well I haven't been posting much due to being on "vacation" but next week when I get home I plan on being super busy catching up. I will actually start blogging and getting pictures and more buttons linked to my website as well as organizing my workspace so I am more efficient. But the very first thing I need to do is pick up my husbands birthday gift when I get home. I didn't leave myself much wiggle room with that since I fly home on his birthday. Sigh, the dog dearly needs a haircut as well, and I need to make a supply order asap to complete a few special orders from the show.

I need to make a long list for home and I haven't even packed to leave CO yet. I just hope everything fits into my bags. I bought lots of buttons and a new pair of shoes. I couldn't help myself, I never can and I have way too many pairs of shoes. It is just a weakness that I don't really want to correct. Because this list in my head keeps growing I think I will be cleaning this week, and next week when my supplies come I will be getting those few items made and sent off to their new homes.

P.S.-Colin said he vacuumed for me so I can cross that off. :) Thanks Jenifer for teaching him to always be so helpful around the house. I hate vacuuming! He also told me he did his own laundry, and he always takes the trash out. The house is probably cleaner than when I left. I am positive I have a keeper!!!


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