Saturday, March 21, 2009

Button Hunting in Colorado

Button shopping was successful today, and I discovered that assorted jars (if I can even find them) have different colors depending on the region that I get them in. Phoenix had mostly brown and black (lots of leather buttons). Spokane has lots of assorted colors and lots of flat gold and silver versions; Colorado has lots of cool cut metal and reds but virtually no black and brown. Strange? Makes me wonder what I can find next time we go visit another state or move again. Anyways, I got 5 small jars, lots of little tiny bags, and 2 larger jars. Of course, I have a lot that won't work, but my mom thinks she can take them to her classroom and find a project for them. So I should hopefully have lots of new colors and versions when I get back to Washington.

Before I can make anything when I get back, I have to reorganize my space and supplies to be more efficient and deep clean the house. I have been slacking since I have been creating non stop. I broke my rules today beyond the button hunting and went to Hobby Lobby and a tiny bead store. I needed another snazzy locking binder container and a few things that aren't worth ordering from my suppliers. Lucky me everything I bought was 30-50% off. :) There are no Hobby Lobby's in Washington, and they have so many good things we had to go. I think I may have to skip visiting my leather/bead store this trip unless I sell everything I brought. I went overboard.


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