Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Busy as a Bee......a China Bee

I have been slacking on posting, and I don't even feel like I have been super productive. Making the same thing over and over is not near as much fun as creating new things everyday. I am really glad that I don't live in China. I am over half done though with the cancer bracelets, 50 have been strung, graced with pink ribbons and stuck in pretty little bags :) Colin even was helping a little, he stuffed the color cards into each bag, he didn't want to "make jewelry like a girl" but he did want to take things apart for me. What a great help! I thought I would share a few pictures since unfortunately we got snow again.

So here is Gunther licking his snow goatee and one of the trees in our front yard. We still had a little snow left in the yard from December, so disappointing.

Last week Colin had a baby bird egg on the windshield of his truck and I was so excited since that means spring is around the corner. Then we get more snow! I already have all my seeds for my garden ready, at least I know the ground has got lots of moisture this year.


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