Monday, March 16, 2009

It's the last week of winter! Well according to the calender.....

So since I have been negligent of my blog lately I thought I might post a few pictures. Here are a few new button bracelets, all of which I want to keep to myself and hide away. :) They look even better up close!Other than that I have been super busy with life and getting ready to go back to Colorado for a short stay. Not much has been getting done or at least it feels that way. The house is a mess and when I got the vacuum out last night the power went out. So Colin and I took the dog for a long walk and when we came home the power was still off so we decided to go to a movie. DO NOT go see Watchmen unless you like a lot of blood and very graphic gore. I am not into that so much, even Colin thought some parts of the movie were to much. Needless to say the house is still a mess but the power was back on when we got home.

Today was not too bad, the weather was fair and the sun was shinning until we had another freak snow storm that looked like "dots" ice cream. I cant wait till spring! On a happy note I did replace my pyrex baking dish today and my kitchen rug that the chocolate explosion ruined. The new ones are much better than the older versions, so yeah for Colin!
P.S-Spring is supposed to begin the 20th.


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