Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Green Day!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful St. Patricks Day! Mine started off with Colin asking what could he wear to work that was green. Not much different than every other morning when he asks if he matches. Sigh....this is helpful though in my decorating of the house because he doesn't care. I would be so sad if I was unable to see the beautiful colors around me every day, his outlook makes me feel blessed.

Today has been a laundry and cleaning day, my house is a disaster and I hate leaving and knowing it will still look like that when I get home from vacation. Unfortunately Colin and Gunther will be home creating messes while I am away. I tend to create most of the messes with my crafts though. If I didn't have any fabric, leather, stamps, scrapbooking, dyes, beads, box collection, buttons, books, metal, and seedlings all over the house we wouldn't have much clutter or junk. We wouldn't have any unless you count my obsession with kitchen gadgets. Either way none of it can be clutter since I use all of it, right? Since I adore storage containers most of it is organized and hidden. I miss Ikea! They have the best cheap storage options but I know Colin is glad we don't live 5 minutes away from one anymore.

Oh thought I would share some wonderful packaging tape that decor8's blog brought to my attention. Here is the link to purchase some, or some other cool tape like them. They have lots of fun choices.

Well I better get back to work since the dishwasher and washing machine are both running and I am cooking re-fried beans for Colin to make burritos while I am gone. Yum!


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