Monday, March 23, 2009

Website up and coughing

My web page is finally getting underway with the help of Molly. We are using and it is very user friendly for anyone like myself that is web site stupid. It was super cheap compared to as well. I have a coupon code from my sisters that saved over $30 if anyone is interested. I haven't gotten much done though due to having horrible allergies from all the dust in my parents house (they are remodeling everything). Their "new" house is very outdated so they are upgrading the heat (removed the steam radiators), the kitchen (there is none right now), new wiring, plumbing (another bathroom) among many other things. I think it will turn out really cool though and be worth the mess. Tomorrow I will be researching shipping options to sell the old radiators on Ebay. Working on the computer doesn't require me to move or talk much which keeps me from coughing. So I have been on here most of the day. I am praying the allergy medicine kicks in, yesterday and today haven't been too swell.

I did get a few new items made that I was advised to have by a very smart source. They are a surprise for my host :) I only wish I was able to bring more of my supplies so I could have more choices to make. They are not near as exciting as I would like. If I am not breathing all this dust in tomorrow I also am going to try and get a few more button bracelets completed. We will see what happens.

Oh my website is Hopefully I will be able to get pictures and links to Paypal up in the next few days. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.


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