Friday, March 20, 2009

My Stomach is content....well for the moment

I had Chinese food for lunch yesterday and for breakfast this morning. Yum! Not just any Chinese was from the best Asian restaurant in the country in my opinion, and since we move a lot I have tried a lot. I am slightly biased since I worked for them for over 6 years and they are like a second family. They pride themselves on quality ingredients and fresh everything, no buffet there. Even Colin who when I met him didn't like any Chinese food likes their food. I believe the difference is the quality, if I had only eaten at 1/4 of the Chinese restaurants that we have tried across the country I wouldn't like it either. Most of them are beyond awful! So for the next week I am going to be in heaven, I am basing this trip on my stomach.

Other news: Most of my jewelry stock made it in one piece getting to Colorado for my show. One of my hand mirrors broke but that is minor. I shipped all my ornaments and they should be here today. I know I have a ton of things but I still feel like its not enough. I wish I had more of my button bracelets, which even if I had 50 I would still feel the same way. My mom is already in love with 2, one I made for her with the last buttons from my grandpa's basement. That already only leaves 11 for others. :( So tomorrow we are going in search of more buttons. I may need to think up some new patterns to use all the extras maybe I will make some stationary with buttons....hummm. Who knows? I don't have anyone else to share them with other than my friend Brandis at Crunchy Thrifty Cool since no one else is making their own clothes or anything for that matter. By the way I want to see your yellow dress you made for Vegas!

On another positive my sister Molly is an excellent photographer and I am utilizing that skill while I am here. She is going to help me out with a small pamphlet full of pictures to send with invitations and some great pictures for a jewelry portfolio. My poor fashion drawings are going to get kicked out of my portfolio that is collecting dust. I have a degree in Apparel and Textiles but my field of choice hasn't been a very good fit for moving around the country. Molly as well as my other sister are also more skilled with this website issue. So I am going to use their knowledge to get my website set up. That option seems like a good start since I hate to spend a ton on a professional. We will see what we have to do....I have no clue.

I better get moving since I have a ton of things to do. Visit my favorite leather/bead store, take my mom lunch at work, take cancer bracelets to Rose, eat Chinese food, and make 1 more button bracelet. I had to bring a few supplies to work on something, I hate having idol hands. Happy Thursday! Tomorrow is the first day of spring! Yeah! It feels like summer here in Colorado though, Molly and I sat in the yard soaking in the sun yesterday. It was wonderful!

P.S.-It just occured to me that I grounded myself until May and here I am planning on going to several supply stores and searching for more buttons. I can't even follow my own rules :(


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