Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring is has to be!

Well I haven't been posting much as I still am not back up to full speed. I figured that once I got out of my parents house my allergies would dissipate but now I just have an awful cold. :(

That hasn't kept me from working though, I have my supply order all out so hopefully it will come in the next few days so I can make and send out all of the special items several people are waiting on.

When the plane was landing Tuesday I was not so thrilled to see snow coming down, and of course it continued the rest of the week. This weekend has been gorgeous though! I got one new flower bed in my back yard all ready and the front beds cleaned out. I am still wondering about several others that are in sad shape but might need some $ (materials) since they have been neglected for so long. Since we will be on our way moving again once this job is over I hate to put much into them other than plants. It adds up so fast and I am already close to my total budget since I had to buy a new hose head, shovels, rake, etc. since all of my gardening and yard items were stolen. Hopefully my garage sale will help me out with this issue since I still need a fair amount of things. Luckily the old tenant left me some large pots to add to the few I have left. :)

Thought I would share a picture of my planted garden seeds. I have Jalapenos, Sweet Bell Peppers, Sweet Peas, Cucumbers, Acorn Squash, Pumpkins and some Zinnias. My unplanted seeds include: several types of lettuce, carrots, green onions, and I am buying a tomato plant. They need to wait to be planted since they are root plants and some just grow too quickly. I am so excited to have a garden, last year I tried to grow gypsy peppers (small bell peppers) on my patio in Phoenix. Don't try it! It was not one of my better ideas.

P.S.-I ended up buying Colin that air compressor for his birthday. I only bought a 4 gallon and he went back and bought this!It's a 17 gallon! And he is super excited about it, he was "testing" it the entire time I was outside cleaning.


Anonymous said...

I hope your gardening goes well. I've been thinking of starting my own soon!

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