Sunday, April 19, 2009

Buttons done, moving on...

I finally got a few things added to my website! Sigh! After much argument with my computer (it kept kicking me out of 2 different programs) I got all of the button bracelets added with paypal links. YEAH! This process is going to take forever! Colin thinks that I need to get it done for mother's day and he is completely right. Any custom orders that I need to get posted right away though are going on etsy, as it saves time.

Tomorrow I am devoting half my day to custom orders, and the other half to putting items on my website. I wish I was more fluent in creating websites since when I am editing it looks fine and then things move around when its published for others to see. I may have to have my genius sisters that know how to do this help me out. Molly already fixed the contact info. page last week for me. Thanks Molly! I think she might need a surprise thank you. Ideas?

Either way it is a slow process! I am glad that I have other projects to work on as well so I dont burn out.


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