Monday, April 27, 2009

I can Finally get some work done!

My mission yesterday to clean the house was a success. I am going to allot 30 minutes each day from now on to work on misc. cleaning so I don't get behind again. But today I can relax and get something done in my newly organized basement studio.

-New folding 6' table
-2 tv stands until I can afford another table (these are going on the garage sale!)
-New Computer
From the Front: Straight ahead workspace and tools. Right side is my laptop and lap table for button bracelets and crossweave. Left side is gemstone and sterling storage as well as finished trays.
Back Left side is another chair and my new light box. (I love this!)
Left Side closeup of most of my gemstones, sterling, and pearls.

These 3 small things are going to save me SO much time. Currently all of my beading materials are down here except 3 shelves in my office upstairs that are full of containers of seed beads, misc. supplies and shipping items. I can actually see most of my supplies so I can know what I have and get some work done. Yeah!
It feels like Christmas! I can't wait to get some rolling containers so I can move the beads upstairs down here. Now my sewing supplies and other crafts are organized upstairs because they also have more room. I have finally created my work environment so I wont get distracted. :)
Happy start to a great hopefully very productive week!!!


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