Friday, April 17, 2009

Beautiful Plants, not so Beautiful Yard

I totally forgot about posting this morning as I was finishing up packaging the last few items for the post office. I am so glad this is over with. Only one more item to mail, hopefully Monday!

Today after saying hello to the post office crew (they know me by name now) I went for a visit to the nursery. I love plants and the nursery close to our house has pretty reasonable prices. Our landlord had mentioned when we were looking at the house that he would pay for landscaping if we were interested, we never discussed price though. So we have to pay rent tomorrow and I have drawn out a plan and priced all the plants. I did not price out trimming and dirt though as I need to see what he would like. Either way for all perennials that are low maintenance and will cover up this ugly mess the city put right in the yard it is under $80! I think that is very reasonable as it will help a lot! I also did plants that will work all seasons as well as some spring plants, and summer plants so there will be color year round. I wish we had our own house!

I would also like to do the side of the house, it has lots of tulips but the beds are full of grass and weeds. If he doesnt want to do those I can just clean them up and they should look fine. I love spring!
I think tomorrow I need to plant my seedlings outside and just cover them up at night. The peas are getting tangled and need something to climb on already. Alas, still no bell peppers!

At the nursery I bought some new pots for inside the house, a fun yellow one (it has crackled paint sanded a little so it looks old) and a blue turquoise one. My car is going to look like a greenhouse when we move. Its a good thing Gunther is small and will still fit. Hopefully when we get another dog it will be smaller as well. We are talking about getting a puppy in June. I can't decide if I want to search for another dog of Gunther's breed (Silky Terrier) or something else. I really like the fact that Gunther doesn't shed, the bad thing is his breed is not common at all. He was very hard to find. He is from Dublin, Virginia and now has been to 16 states and Canada as well as has lived in 5 states. Who knows, we aren't looking until at least June so I have plenty of time. Man that was wordy today! Have a great Weekend!


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